Remarks by Ambassador Ahmet Akif Oktay at the Turkish National Day Reception

Ahmet Akif Oktay 29.10.2013

Mr. Nguyen Quan, Minister of Science and Technology of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam,
Distinguished Colleagues, Friends and Guests,
Members of the Turkish Community,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am very pleased to extend a warm welcome to all of you. Thank you for joining us at this reception, as we celebrate the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Turkish Republic. I also want to express my heartfelt thanks to His Excellency Mr. Nguyen Quan, Minister of Science and Technology of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, for honoring us with his presence this evening.

Distinguished Guests,

After overcoming many challenges along the way, Turkey now stands as a country with a stable democracy, a dynamic economy, a vibrant civil society and a rich cultural life. In our external relations, we are much more closely connected with different parts of the world than ever. This is perhaps best illustrated by our expanding diplomatic presence in Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America. We are confident that by 2023, our Republic’s centenary, Turkey will have further consolidated its achievements at home and greatly increased its contributions to international peace, development and prosperity.

This year, we are simultaneously celebrating the 35th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Turkey and Vietnam. Over this period, the two countries have developed a close friendship and a solid track record of bilateral and international cooperation. 2013 has also been a productive year in our relations. In February and April, we held the first Consular Consultation meeting and the second round of Political Consultations between our respective Foreign Ministries. Our bilateral trade is booming, with the total volume expected to reach 1.5 billion dollars by the end of this year. Also in 2013, we completed the negotiations on a number of important agreements, which we hope will be signed during the Joint Economic and Trade Committee meeting to be held in Ankara next January. In addition, we are working towards the conclusion of a Scientific and Technological Cooperation Agreement between the two countries.

Similarly, our academic and cultural relations are entering a new period of renewal. Earlier this year, we held a joint academic seminar in Hanoi on bilateral relations. This week, we are organizing the first “Turkish Food Week” in Vietnam at Melia Hanoi Hotel, which will continue until the 2nd of November. So, if you enjoy the food tonight, and we hope you will, you’ll have a chance to taste a wider variety of Turkish dishes during the week. We are also planning to bring award-winning Turkish films to Vietnam in the near future.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let me end my remarks by sharing a sincere conviction with you: I have no doubt that both Turkey and Vietnam are headed toward a bright future and will continue this journey with determination. I am also confident that the bonds of amity and cooperation between our two countries will grow even stronger in time, allowing us to celebrate many more such anniversaries.
On that note, I would like to propose a toast to the friendship and prosperity of the Turkish and Vietnamese peoples, to the health of the leaders of both countries, to the health of our esteemed Guest of Honor, His Excellency Mr. Nguyen Quan and to all our distinguished guests present here tonight.

Thank you.

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